Syke Mono™ Printed Specimen
by The Northern Block

Syke Mono™ Printed Specimen

A 40-page booklet showcasing the extent of the upgraded Syke Mono type family by The Northern Block (initially released in 2016 and re-released in 2021). Available in 10 styles; 5 weights and italics, Syke Mono has a modern aesthetic style that is distinctive and stands out from the typewriter crowd. 

Refined design details and characteristics help improve centre alignment, function, and readability, making it ideal for computer coding, database applications, ebooks and other screen-based interfaces.

The visual styling of the specimen loosely takes inspiration from dot matrix printing and, specifically, the paper used for these printers. An insightful publication providing a comprehensive overview of what Syke Mono can offer its users.

230mm × 175mm
40 Pages
2-Colour + Tint (Black, PMS 3385)
Saddle-Stitched, White Wire
100gsm Arcoprint Extra White
Edition of 500

Type Design by Jonathan Hill
Graphic Design by Donna Wearmouth
Print Management by Susan Mitchell Paper & Print

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