Fagun™ Newspaper Specimen
by The Northern Block

Fagun™ Newspaper Specimen

£12.00 incl. VAT, excl. shipping 

A 44-page newspaper specimen showcasing Fagun—a humanist sans-serif type family with calligraphic roots released in 2022 by The Northern Block. Fagun is available in 14 styles; 7 weights and italics, with language support covering Western, Southern, and Central Europe.

The overall concept of the newspaper is driven by Charles Dickens’ novels and characters, with the font’s name inspired by the mastermind villain, Fagin, from Oliver Twist. Fagun is an original design with incredible clarity and usability across many text-based scenarios. The printed specimen provides a thorough overview of the type families’ capabilities and the extensive OpenType features available to its users.

Digital Tabloid
380mm × 289mm
44 Pages
55gsm Improved Newsprint
Edition of 300

Type Design by Jonathan Hill
Graphic Design by Donna Wearmouth
Printing by Newspaper Club (UK)

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