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Jonathan Hill was born in Sheffield, England in 1971.
He graduated from Newcastle College of Art & Design in 1994 with distinction honors in Spatial Design.

He initially worked in print producing event graphics for
the Leadmill in Sheffield. This gave him valuable experience of winning new work, handling clients and
being able to work under his own initiative. He developed his unique 2D/3D style over a two year period before deciding he needed the experience of working in a dedicated design studio were he could learn from other established designers.

Jonathan joined Mainartery in 1999; a progressive
design studio based in London working solely for the music industry. After 18 months of working in a high-


pressure environment, he became a vital contributing member of the team producing a variation of music packaging work for clients such as Universal, EMI and Polydor Records.

On January 3, 2006 Jonathan founded The Northern Block Type Foundry with the goal to design & develop new and original typefaces.

Today the foundry is recognised for producing finely crafted modern work that appeals to the latest breed of font buyers including, electronic manufactures, app developers and video game designers.

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Typeface Design Conceptualisation
Creative Direction Drawing
Design Consultation Draftsmenship
Font Development Design Detailing
Apprentice Training Production Managment
Font Distribution Marketing
Student Mentoring Social Media
Product Licensing Ecommerce
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